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veined / испещренный прожилками, испещренный жилками
имя прилагательное
испещренный прожилками
veined, veiny
испещренный жилками
veined, veiny
имя прилагательное
marked with or as if with veins.
a blue-veined cheese
The veined and variegated appearance of the colors suggests the polished marble stone used in architecture and monuments.
The H.Reticulatum is a big round bulb, native to Brazil, with large pink flowers, deeply veined in a darker shade.
But from every side of the peninsula, its crown jewel, the mountainous 900,000 acre Olympic National Park is visible, veined with snow and glacier ice, even in July.
Its mature bark is strikingly veined in gray and black, and its pest- and disease-resistant leaves are pleasantly oval.
Billy looked again at the large wings of the butterfly, veined and mottled from dark green to black and with a sheen in the sunlight
I could see his white Nike shoes, his sharply creased trousers, the powerful veined forearms and blacksmith's hands, the fingers round and surprisingly short.
The Basilica dates from the sixth century and contains forty eight pillars hewn from the while veined stone of the surrounding countryside.
A telling image shows her veined hand on the distended stomach of a baby suffering from malnutrition.
Gnarled and veined like branches of an old olive tree, her hands rested in her lap.
It's a predominantly flat landscape veined by creeks and rivers that meander haphazardly across vast flood plains.