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vein / вена, жила, жилка
имя существительное
vein, vena
vein, conductor, lead, sinew, gannet, course
vein, streak, nerve, string, fibril, fibrilla
наводить узор с прожилками
имя существительное
any of the tubes forming part of the blood circulation system of the body, carrying in most cases oxygen-depleted blood toward the heart.
This puts the full weight of your uterus on your back and on the major vein that carries blood between your lower body and heart.
a fracture in rock containing a deposit of minerals or ore and typically having an extensive course underground.
Quartz is the dominant mineral in veins in siliceous rocks, calcite in limestones, and gypsum in gypsiferous sediments.
a distinctive quality, style, or tendency.
he closes his article in a somewhat humorous vein
There's a really interesting post in a similar vein on too.
The principal vein is the mother lode, now a figure of speech as well as the name of one of the most famous deposits of the Californian Gold Rush.
It's been argued by aficionados that within Leonard Cohen's melancholic work is a thick vein of comedy.
At an age of about 10 weeks we took a blood sample of 10 l from the brachial vein in the wing.
Well, I think he tapped into a vein of discontent among the American people.
Unfortunately I didn't watch it, so that's a rich vein of source material for this blog down the drain.
His most characteristic paintings are in an extremely uninhibited and agitated Expressionist vein , with strident colours and violent brushwork applied with very thick impasto.
In a similar vein , while the weather was good news for some attractions - both paid-for and free - others were badly hit as both visitors and Scots headed outdoors.
The anterior wing margin, delimited by the L1 wing vein , is composed of a triple row of sensory bristles.
Not necessarily as instantly watchable as the now-infamous ‘Wife Swap’, but still in a similar vein of fish-out-of-water scenarios.