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veil / вуаль, завеса, покрывало
имя существительное
veil, voile, fog, veiling, nun's veiling
veil, curtain, screen, pall, riddel
cover, covering, veil, coverlet, spread, throw
закрывать покрывалом
имя существительное
a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face.
a white bridal veil
cover with or as though with a veil.
she veiled her face
It was after the ceremony that the veil was lifted and the groom and bride were able to kiss which is the symbol of a beginning of a physical relationship.
A helper was on hand, not to tame the bridal veil but to dispose of the accumulating wrappers.
My hair was in ringlets, pinned to my head under the gauzy material of a veil , and the dried roses in my hands released the odd petal.
I found a parrotfish hiding in a cave, debris from its diaphanous veil of mucus wafting back and forth with each slight swell.
Behind them was what looked like a veil of leaves.
Tessa was driving, squinting through the veil of rain that obscured all vision not 50 yards ahead.
She wore a long, fawn-coloured dust-cloak, a black, close-fitting toque, and a dark veil which concealed the greater part of her face.
The horse stopped and beneath the veil of leaves, Legacy could see her brother's well worn leather boots.
Traditionally, the bride wears a white gown and a veil .
The Holy of holies was separate from the rest of the Tabernacle by a heavy veil or curtain.