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veggie / вегетарианец
имя существительное
vegetarian, veggie, vegie
The vegetarians are given a wide choice too and some of the veggie items are delectable.
My wife was most impressed by the veggie dish, which comprised mainly of courgettes and aubergines, and tasted excellent, although the pork was also fine.
You might love your meat but you'll find that a veggie meal is easier to digest.
The property we bought had a lovely garden, fruit trees, and a veggie patch.
But the best part of being a veggie is learning how to cook and enjoy real, fresh tasty food.
For a veggie barbecue, many people grill whole portabello mushrooms marinated in either a barbecue marinade or in raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Try a veggie recipe and take a minute to see if you like it.
We already operate a veggie box scheme, but have to buy in many of our products.
Don't bother making this is if you're a veggie : the pancetta is really what binds everything together.
Each day, residents are presented with a menu for the following day, offering a choice of four or five main meals, including a veggie option.