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vegetate / прозябать, расти, произрастать
vegetate, jogtrot
grow, increase, go up, mount, sprout, vegetate
grow, vegetate
live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way.
if she left him there alone, he'd sit in front of the television set and vegetate
(of a plant or seed) grow; sprout.
(of an abnormal growth) increase in size.
The 8-cm-high vegetating tumor consisted of solid sheets of poorly cohesive epithelioid cells broken into clusters by strands of stroma.
Not that I read any more or make music or write - I just vegetate in front of the myriad digital channels we now have.
If I don't help him along, he will sit there and vegetate .
I work long days, and then tend to vegetate when I'm not working, so I'm always at one of extremes, activity-wise.
the final task was to vegetate the area used to store the muck dredged from the pond
if she left him there alone, he'd sit in front of the television set and vegetate
The Board plans to vegetate Waterfall Gully with more native trees and plants.
I'm going to vegetate tonight, and then tomorrow I shall transform myself into a super efficient research machine.
I should take a night or a day to just stop and vegetate - take a bubble bath or watch a movie - but I haven't been able to bring myself to do so yet.
I didn't want to sit and vegetate in front of the TV so I started the course.
So I'm going to just vegetate a bit and collapse.