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veep / вице-президент
имя существительное
vice-president, veep
имя существительное
a vice president.
But - 41% of modern veeps have eventually become president and another 25% have been their party's candidate for president.
Nobody ever votes for the VP - the race is about who will be president, and the veep comes along for the ride.
And forget about that talk that all the retired four-star general and former NATO boss wants is the veep nomination.
She's the corporate-affairs veep with Silver Eagle Distributors.
Can the would-be veep be trusted to obediently follow a campaign script without setting off controversy with potentially explosive remarks?
since becoming veep he's mostly been Mr Nice Guy
My sources say that it's the two head honchos, the prez and veep , that are in the midst of this scandal and they will be forced to give up their positions in this campaign.
The president, after all, is the scion of generations of reserved and genteel WASP breeding, and the veep is a man from Wyoming, where the wrong kind of familiarity can invite a swift and fatal case of lead poisoning.
During the 2000 election season, the former veep was excoriated for supposedly claiming to have invented the Internet.
The 25th Amendment affords Clinton another route to the vice presidency: In the event the vice presidency is vacated, the president appoints a new veep , subject to confirmation by Congress.
Predicting who the veep will be for each party is, of course, a favorite parlor game - and this year, a particularly long one.