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veal / телятина, опоек
имя существительное
calf, calfskin, veal
имя прилагательное
veal, calvish, vealy
имя существительное
the flesh of a calf, used as food.
Most calves are killed when they are older for beef, but about one million a year are killed as calves for veal .
Place in a heatproof cooking bag and add the port, veal stock, onion, and cinnamon sticks.
Here, thinly-cut veal is covered in Parmesan cheese breadcrumbs, then fried.
Choosing from Heston's extensive and increasing list of dishes we agreed only that no foie gras or veal would be served.
Only some can afford to buy delicacies such as veal , duck, sturgeon, and salmon.
We use veal at the restaurant, because that is where all the flavour is, but obviously you can use beef if you prefer.
Angela invites me to spend a day at the Connaught where I am allowed to gut partridges, prep beef and veal fillets and trim girolles.
Most veal comes from animals that have been artificially orphaned, kept in crates or pens, and have been fed on a diet based on milk powder.
I roast garlic with olive oil and thyme and add it with finely chopped rosemary to the veal stuffing.
The rest of my companions had things like smoked salmon salad, steak, bouillabaisse, and veal and pork stew.
Their dinner had two courses rather than one, and included luxuries such as veal , capons, pigeon, plovers and tarts.