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vaunt / превозносить, хвастаться
exalt, praise, extol, glorify, laud, vaunt
brag, boast, display, splurge, vaunt, blow
имя существительное
boasting, bragging, boast, ostentation, bluster, vaunt
имя существительное
a boast.
boast about or praise (something), especially excessively.
the much vaunted information superhighway
In his first editorial, John Bird wrote: ‘We vaunt nothing beyond the determination that no effort be spared to make the journal a first-class family newspaper.’
Whoever wins the balloting will govern a country whose vaunted economic recovery is starting to fray.
His much vaunted £3 billion investment in automated warehouses did nothing to help product availability.
So much for the much vaunted transparency and accountability policy.
Even the country's much vaunted success in the IT industry needs to be put in perspective, he says.
On the contrary, it chose to launch the report with a massive media and public relations campaign vaunting the scope, credibility and prestige of the Commission and its authors.
More than any other area of genetics, then, the beneficial possibilities of gene therapy have been much vaunted .
It contrived to be both firmly capitalist and proudly working-class in character; hand in hand with big business but vaunting an anti-establishment stance.
The Barrowsiders would probably be satisfied to put up a good performance against this much vaunted Laois side.
As a result, his much vaunted pacifism may have to undergo a rethink.