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vaseline / вазелин
имя существительное
petrolatum, vaseline
имя прилагательное
cover or smear with Vaseline.
имя существительное
a type of petroleum jelly used as an ointment and lubricant.
If you really must go for a jog in the middle of a thunder storm, remember to vaseline nipples thoroughly beforehand.
Every winter in Pune, my skin would go dry and I would have to apply vaseline or some cold cream to my lips and face.
We especially need medical supplies such as Sudocream, bandages, vaseline , syringes, any antibiotics, painkillers, even rubber gloves would be great.
She got some vaseline and polished Meadow's hooves.
I apply vaseline each morning and use nappy-rash cream each evening.
They wore walking shoes and boots rather than runners, brought about 20 to 30 pairs of socks with them so that they could change them several times a day and used vaseline and methylated spirits to protect their feet.