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vary / изменять, меняться, изменяться
change, vary, betray, alter, transform, revise
change, vary, alter, switch, shift, exchange
change, vary, alter, transform, turn, metamorphose
differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class.
the properties vary in price
When they do become evident, symptoms vary according to the type and location of the aneurysm.
As with residential property, prices vary considerably across the country.
They found that the beats of unhealthy hearts did vary more randomly.
However, the courts can insist that payments vary over time as circumstances change.
The strategies that victims use to cope with bullying also vary by gender.
he tried to vary his diet
Diving conditions vary , but the best visibility occurs early in the season before the plankton blooms of late summer.
the properties vary in price
But we shouldn't just eat by reflex: it would be much healthier if we thought about our diets and tried to vary them more.
Do survival rates vary among species, sexes, or habitats?