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varmint / шалун, шалопай, негодяй
имя существительное
varmint, rogue, imp, pickle, monkey
varmint, scapegrace, happy-go-lucky
scoundrel, villain, rascal, wretch, rogue, varmint
имя прилагательное
себе на уме
canny, varmint
имя существительное
a troublesome wild animal.
The long punishing jaws of a borzoi can snatch up small and not-so-small varmints both wild or domestic with lightning speed.
Down on the main street is the Number Ten Saloon where Wild Bill copped a bullet in the back from a hired varmint named Jack McCall.
It might have come in handy if we ever spotted the Eastern Screech-Owl that disturbed our already suspect outdoor slumber, but the voluble varmint was well-hidden.
Sam, who has bought the General Store, is immediately faced with the prospect of paying protection money to the town baddie, Parker Tillman, the double-dealing varmint who sold him the store in the first place.
My fiancee-civilized, gentle soul-once beaned a squirrel with an ice cube to keep the varmint from stripping her sunflowers bare.
And today we're in the badlands of cowboy capitalism, uncovering what the varmints have done to our retirement savings.
Over time, I have developed a near phobia regarding the varmints to the point where I don't even like them mentioned.
For rifle enthusiasts who practice regularly, who shoot varmints or targets at long range, a 300 yard shot on a big game animal is not difficult.
It is our job to deal with these pesky varmints and stick fines on their windscreens.
These farmers often had to deal with varmints , and laid traps, then as now, as the most efficient way of addressing that problem.
All I heard constantly was the buzzing of mosquitoes and other pesky swamp varmints .