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variegated / разнообразный, пестрый, разноцветный
имя прилагательное
diverse, varied, various, diversified, variegated, manifold
motley, variegated, mottled, pied, checkered, patchwork
motley, varicoloured, variegated, varicolored, pied, versicolor
имя прилагательное
exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks.
variegated yellow bricks
Gilded Hawke is a variegated curly ivy with grey-green central colouring and gold margins.
Work began on the cathedral in 1064, to be faced in entirely in variegated bands of marble.
If you select foliage plants with variegated or lighter colored leaves, they will prefer brighter light.
When the variegated army of eco - warriors and anarchists takes to the streets on Tuesday, most will be idealists; others will be misguided, even criminal, but youth is their currency.
It is a beautifully variegated yarn, and was very nice to work with.
I love subtly variegated yarns, when knitted up they tend to have a heathery effect.
The 32 paintings exhibited at the gallery prove how variegated were the thoughts and ideas of the artist.
Then in the gloaming I can just make out a series of variegated camouflage sheets, the size of lonely single beds, strung between the trunks about 2ft off the ground.
Erik's professional life was as variegated and diverse as the scholarship, films and videos he championed.
Many women have spoken of variegated , deep feelings after abortion, its procedures altering a significant biological course, and to articulate these, perhaps cathartic art forms are best.