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vaporize / испаряться, испарять
evaporate, vaporize, volatilize, vapor, dissolve, transpire
evaporate, vaporize, volatilize
convert or be converted into vapor.
there is a large current that is sufficient to vaporize carbon
cold gasoline does not vaporize readily
Before wet wood can burn, heat energy must first supply enough energy to vaporize the water.
Also, for early cancers, a doctor may use a laser to vaporize the growth.
there is a large current which is sufficient to vaporize carbon
This should help illustrate how much energy it takes to vaporize a gallon of water.
For example, a gas engine is designed to vaporize gasoline and then ignite it with a spark.
there is a large current that is sufficient to vaporize carbon
At a sufficiently high temperature the water below would vaporize and form a gas layer that supports the body of water above.
Valued for their predictability, these lasers emit high energy densities within short pulses that vaporize tissue while sparing surrounding skin.
Four hundred tons of heavy hydrogen in a real fusion reaction could instantly vaporize a city, but there was no concentrated heavy hydrogen in the building.