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vanuatu / vanuatu
имя существительное
a country that consists of a group of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean; population 218,500 (est. 2009); capital, Vila; languages, Bislama, English, and French (all official).
the capital of Vanuatu
If our guys were Australians they would at least pay them but because these workers are Fijians and Vanuatuans they think they can get away with it.
Jeff boards the sloop from one of the outriggers and informs our contestants that they will undergo some sort of Vanuatuan rite of passage.
Currently the break down of military personnel is 35 ADF, 15 NZDF, five Fijians, six Ni Vanuatuans and 14 Australian civilians.
For all their grandstanding against Australia's imperious actions in the Pacific, they did not oppose the Australian-led intervention in the Solomons nor withdraw the five Vanuatuan police officers from the force.
Their side was made up mostly of Fijian and Vanuatuans and, with their lighting speed and natural ability, they ran circles around the Australian backline.