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vanquish / побеждать, покорять, подавлять
win, overcome, conquer, defeat, vanquish, beat
conquer, submit, subjugate, subdue, bend, vanquish
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, vanquish
defeat thoroughly.
Mexican forces vanquished the French army in a battle in Puebla
The sooner the world understands it, the sooner we will be able to vanquish these forces of evil.
Medical technology has enabled scientific medicine to vanquish its rivals in the medical marketplace in the quest for patient patronage and health insurance funds.
Life appears to vanquish the hope and ideals of all men, dragging in its train even the greatest, like Plato, Alexander, or Napoleon.
Arguments are used constructively to clarify issues, not to vanquish opponents.
As at least three art historians allege, St. George never vanquished a dragon, as legend asserts.
It may be illustrative to return to the career of the Emperor Phocus - and that of his vanquisher and successor, the Emperor Heraclius.
Defeat at Trafalgar ended any hope of maritime supremacy for France, and thus any realistic hope of vanquishing the British, but Napoleon continued to steamroller his continental opponents.
Wielding his mighty blade, he is the redeemer of souls and the vanquisher of Satan.
My husband, who has seen this same vanquisher of toothaches, told me tales of a small dark office, all of which made those little bats in my stomach flutter faster.
As time goes on, it's become clear that he sees his role less as making sure our soldiers vanquish the enemy than making sure he vanquishes the press and the straw men he puts so much rhetorical energy into creating.