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vanity / тщеславие, суета, туалетный столик
имя существительное
vanity, vainglory, conceit, false pride
vanity, bustling, bustle, rush, scurry, stir
туалетный столик
dressing table, vanity, dresser
имя существительное
excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.
it flattered his vanity to think I was in love with him
the quality of being worthless or futile.
the vanity of human wishes
a dressing table.
Upon examining the rest of the drawers, she realized it was more of a vanity than a desk.
Looking from her view on the bed across the way was a pretty oak vanity with a good size mirror.
Beware of arrogance and vanity when you bask in your glory.
This is not, however, a simple tale of vanity or excessive consumption.
There was a dresser, a small television, and a vanity .
There was a small vanity with a stool in front of it with an assortment of perfumes and make up covering the top.
A heart full of false pride, vanity and arrogance has no room for wisdom, so it will remain lost in the darkness.
Small and rectangular, the chamber housed a mahogany bed, chest of drawers, washbasin and vanity .
While the Italians are perfectly comfortable with male vanity , the British are not.
The real books were worth buying and reading, the self-published were from vanity presses.
There's lovely soap on the bathroom vanity so lather up and then come see me for a snack.