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vanish / исчезать, пропадать, стремиться к нулю
disappear, pass away, vanish, go, lose, die
disappear, vanish, go
стремиться к нулю
имя существительное
slip, slide, slipping, glide, gliding, vanish
disappear suddenly and completely.
Mary vanished without a trace
become zero.
In mathematics, a root (or a zero) of a complex-valued function f is a member x of the domain of f such that f(x) vanishes at x.
I just wanted to punch him, making that stupid grin vanish from his face forever.
It is one thing to acknowledge the existence of powerful homogenizing tendencies in the world, but it is quite another to assert that the cultural diversity existing on our planet is destined to vanish .
A million years before a mass extinction event, the corals vanish , more or less.
If the species is allowed to vanish , scientists believe it will foreshadow the extinction of a host of other marine species.
By the time I entered graduate school, the sense of bewilderment had vanished .
Springs will all have vanished , all the rivers will cease foaming.
We are training people for a type of work that is vanishing before our eyes.
He smiles back instantly, then the smile vanishes quickly as Ben turns to face him.
In British Columbia, ancient forests are vanishing at the rate of one acre every 70 seconds, or 418,000 acres per year.
After several years of decline, they have vanished almost completely in the waters around Orkney and Shetland.