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vane / флюгер, лопасть, лопатка
имя существительное
vane, weather vane, weathercock, windvane, cock
blade, vane, paddle, fan, peel, float
shoulder blade, scapula, vane, paddle, shoulder, trowel
This rigid plastic curled vane can be taped or glued to the arrow shaft using a normal fletching jig.
This method is based on the fact that as a feather grows, alternating light and dark bands appear across its vane .
Unlike the compass, the vane was clearly a scientific instrument, though the sort that comes in the Home Weather Kit you might give your dad shortly after his retirement.
Their angle of attack should be very small just to ensure that the air flow comes to the same side on each vane .
The vane on one side of the feather's spine was wider than the one on the other.
Furthermore, in the vaned diffuser, the secondary flow directed from the suction surface to the pressure surface of the vanes is prevented.
Shafts and vanes are present in the feathers, but no direct evidence of the shafts remains.
The first uses multiple airfoil-shaped vanes arrayed around the inner circumference of the exhaust side of the turbo housing.
The wind or air rising through the turbine turns the vanes in the turbine and gets the air moving near the top of the house, drawing moisture out.
The obtained results demonstrate that the centrifugal pump with the optimized vaned diffuser has compact size compared with the original one while the performance requirements have been met.