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vampire / вампир, упырь, вурдалак
имя существительное
vampire, vampire bat, ghoul
ghoul, vampire
ghoul, vampire
имя существительное
a corpse supposed, in European folklore, to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.
What must he do to save his neck from the vampires who are after his blood?
a small bat that feeds on the blood of mammals or birds using its two sharp incisor teeth and anticoagulant saliva, found mainly in tropical America.
It is quite common for a vampire bat to fail to feed on a given night.
vampire film
He picked up the sword and swung, connecting with the vampire 's neck.
A younger female vampire bounded up to him.
There are two ways to kill a vampire in the immortal world.
She knew he'd get himself killed if he fought this powerful vampire alone.
Ask anyone and they will tell you that to protect yourself from a vampire you will require: garlic, a crucifix, holy water, and a nice big, pointy stake.
There was a female vampire standing there holding Scott like he was a rag doll.
She would have to have bitten me four times before I became a vampire .
A newly resurrected female vampire and her undead family prey on the staff and pupils of an Austrian finishing school.
He is the perpetually hungry scholar, too desiccated by poverty to return her love, a vampire preying on her bountiful spirit.