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valve / клапан, вентиль, заслонка
имя существительное
valve, flap, vent, gate, piston, flapper
valve, faucet, ventil, flap, stop
damper, flap, valve, shutter, gate, door
имя прилагательное
valve, valvular
lamp, valve
All these plates that attach to the floor of the brachial valve may have been thickened by secondary overgrowth.
As the pollinator pushes back the brush-like hairs, the valve opens releasing the pollen onto the back of the pollinator.
a valve shuts off the flow from the boiler when the water is hot enough
Using them would mean that attachments could be installed without disassembly of the main control valve or draining of hydraulic fluids.
The system is regulated by a height control valve which allows fluid to move between spheres to keep the car level.
To remove the clog, close the shutoff valve at the bottom of the radiator and unscrew the air vent.
During pregnancy, hormones relax the muscles in your digestive tract, including the valve in the esophagus.
Its speed can be influenced by the waste-gate valve , which is controlled by the pressure-driven converter.
For example, every fixture must include an isolation valve to allow maintenance personnel to shut down individual fixtures.
The brush-like hairs at the end of the anther tube are not bent, and they enclose the valve .