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valuation / оценка, ценность, цена
имя существительное
assessment, evaluation, rating, estimate, estimation, valuation
value, worth, valuation, price, gold, purchase
price, cost, value, rate, worth, valuation
имя существительное
an estimation of something's worth, especially one carried out by a professional appraiser.
it is wise to obtain an independent valuation
If you have a smaller mortgage it will probably be best if you go for a mortgage that offers a free valuation - if not free legal fees.
Probably the easiest way of determining this is to obtain a valuation in writing from a chartered surveyor.
The valuation was carried out by the Scottish Executive civil servants earlier this year.
property valuation
Our Government's Valuation Officer will also make a valuation based on prevailing market prices.
Many lenders give incentives to switchers, such as help with valuation fees and legal expenses.
Ask the bank who is an approved valuer on their valuation panel, and get the valuation done yourself.
Several valuation methods are in use, each with its own set of potential biases.
it is wise to obtain an independent valuation
In both cases the purchaser paid a fee to the mortgagee for the purpose of having a valuation of the property carried out.