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valour / доблесть, отвага
имя существительное
valor, prowess, heroism, valiance, valiancy, doughtiness
courage, daring, valor, prowess, heart, gallantry
имя существительное
great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
the medals are awarded for acts of valor
Just reciting the names conjures up the romantic side of Scottish history, peppered with acts of valour , loyalty, derring-do and occasional folly.
The company honours them with a public recognition and a cash award with a silver medal of valour , certificate and a citation.
Common sense then overcame valour as Bill called the police who, in turn, contacted the local snake catcher who duly arrived with his equipment.
The two hostages of the escape attempt received medals of valour and were credited by the local press for thwarting the escape.
the medals are awarded for acts of valour
The land has a fascinating history of valour and chivalry.
Knighthood was given for displays of valour and courage, and he would need more experience to be in the position for that.
We are at the time of year when we commemorate the great valour shown in the Battle of Britain.
Though Trench was deferential to authority he was also a man of valour .
The young girls made a remarkable display of vigour and valour .