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valorize / ревалоризировать, ревалоризировать валюту
ревалоризировать валюту
give or ascribe value or validity to (something).
the culture valorizes the individual
Such films neither demean nor valorize rural Iowa, but call our attention to the serious problems that hang over a vital sector of the national economy.
In the media and in the hearts of thousands of Americans, we valorize not just those truly outstanding and altruistic individuals, but the masculine ideal of man as the strong, brave rescuer.
Forms of knowledge that simply valorize the ‘feminine’ may not be helpful to women who would be better off not having norms of femininity imposed on them.
The film valorizes the pioneering spirit, individual resilience and resourcefulness.
Knowledge of their very existence is systematically denied and repressed under propaganda valorising war as heroic and ennobling.
The United States valorised and rewarded veterans with compensation and their own healthcare system.
He captures the Jamaican dialect in this early verse and valorizes the speech patterns of the working class.
Is the public recognition of ethnic communities across the United Kingdom dependent on their valorisation by literary fiction?
At the time, the discourse of the individual, atomized, bourgeois self was valorized by corporate media as the highest unit of organization and thinking.
Anyway, dividing politics into two categories is unsatisfactory since one category always gets valorised at the expense of the other.