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validate / утверждать, ратифицировать, придавать юридическую силу
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, validate
ratify, validate, confirm, sanction
придавать юридическую силу
check or prove the validity or accuracy of (something).
these estimates have been validated by periodic surveys
Also important was whether the instruments used for temperature measurement were tested for accuracy to validate the data.
without Patti to validate my feelings, they seemed not to exist
Creating life is one way to validate your existence.
Certification could help these professionals validate their professional credentials gained through experience and training.
Those parts can be used to validate the accuracy of other test results and to explain any abnormal or unexpected results.
he seems to need other women's attention to validate him as a man
It should be made mandatory that all authorities should get their project plan vetted by at least two or three civic bodies that will validate the plan and programme.
Museums help validate the value, importance and legitimacy of these objects, as do critics and hangers on.
without Patti to validate my feelings, they seemed not to exist
Teens in general want to validate themselves and prove themselves.