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valiant / доблестный, храбрый, героический
имя прилагательное
valiant, valorous, gallant, doughty, redoubtable, redoubted
brave, courageous, valiant, gallant, bold, spunky
heroic, valiant, epic, heroical, epical
имя существительное
храбрый человек
valiant, Trojan
имя прилагательное
possessing or showing courage or determination.
she made a valiant effort to hold her anger in check
They made a valiant attempt to avoid capture, but were forced to give themselves up because his friend was too badly injured to go on.
Bruno loves Sonia and makes a valiant effort to make her happy once again.
He is someone who has given his all to the game and should go out after a valiant effort, win or lose.
Though their efforts were valiant it was painfully obvious it had little effect on the blaze.
He thought that he would be rewarded for valiant actions with a hero's welcome when he returned to shore.
These are our valiant soldiers, the ones who die for us on the battlefield and in the electric chair.
Although Vic made a valiant effort to overtake the leaders, he fell short by a few points.
As always, there are a few, valiant individual journalists doing their best.
Apparently, he had made a valiant effort to turn the whole thing into a classroom.
Despite a decided lack of knowledge of the rules of the sport they played a valiant game.