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valet / камердинер, слуга, гостиничный работник
имя существительное
servant, servitor, man, manservant, valet, attendant
гостиничный работник
служить камердинером
имя существительное
a man's personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance.
These butlers, footmen, valets , drivers, personal assistants, and bodyguards knew where the bodies lay.
a person employed to park cars.
However, in Los Angeles, even the most ordinary mid-range restaurant will happily employ a valet service to park your car and bring it back round to the front door for you, to coincide with your departure.
act as a valet to (a particular man).
She did the fine laundry, and looked after 'his' clothes, and valeted him.
valet parking
Trudy tipped the valet , got into the driver's seat and closed the door.
She took his jacket from his shoulders and turned to hang it on the valet .
Just then his valet helps him into his ninth change of clothes that day.
a valet service
It doesn't hurt my pride to valet him.
The valet opened up my door, escorting me out of the car.
When you want to create a real big impression it is useful to have your own personal valet .
The alleged victim, George Smith, is a former valet .
By the time Ally handed the keys over to the valet at the hotel, Trent had regained his strength.