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valedictory / прощальный
имя прилагательное
farewell, parting, valedictory
имя существительное
прощальное напутствие
прощальное слово
прощальная речь
valedictory speech, valedictory, valediction
имя прилагательное
serving as a farewell.
a valedictory wave
имя существительное
a farewell address.
As long as five years ago, the three main newsweeklies had locked up eminent presidential historians to write his valedictories .
Some of the songs were previewed on the group's 2003 valedictory tour, while others have never been publicly aired.
Historians argue over the significance of these valedictory meditations.
Its melancholy cranes are lit at night not as a sign of vitality but as a valedictory salute to an industrial past for which most Glaswegians - particularly those who never banged a rivet - are nostalgic.
Dame Muriel revealed that her latest novel, The Finishing School, which was published this year, will not mark an end to fiction writing for her, despite its valedictory title.
This Senate custom of valedictory speeches may look self-indulgent to some but I think is quite important in its own way.
In his valedictory editorial in the latest issue of the Poetry Review, he could not contain his gloom any longer.
All I can say is that I hope the previous member is proud of that speech, because it will be his valedictory .
How sad it is to write this brief valedictory for this senator who never abandoned the fiery passions that first fueled his entry into politics.
The final valedictory service will be held on Saturday starting at 7pm in the Cook Street hall, to mark a community link which goes back 114 years.
He delivered his talk as a kind of valedictory , describing his 16 year tenure at the institution.