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vale / долина, юдоль, дол
имя существительное
valley, lowland, vale, dale, glen, bottom
dale, vale
имя существительное
a valley (used in place names or as a poetic term).
the Vale of Glamorgan
a written or spoken farewell.
And a warm vale to the Cardinal, who died on Sunday.
And a warm vale to the Cardinal, who died on Sunday.
Back in the hills and vales , many girls and women had read romantic poems and stories, and this apparently shaped the ways they mused about the natural world around them even then.
For hundreds of years they have worked the dales, the vales , the moors and rest of Yorkshire's countryside and moulded it into the scenery we admire so much today.
The dales, vales and hills of our region will be alive with the sound of music when the county becomes the venue for a record-breaking live music event.
I take such comfort from the hills and vales , even though I live in Washington, DC now.
He travelled the hills and vales of Co. Waterford spreading lime.
Alone in the desolate town, Jane wanders the vales and windy moors for many hours, on the lookout to faintly explore this town.
Agriculture by this time was spreading from the drier uplands into the lower vales of York and Pickering, with settlements widespread - mainly ditched enclosures containing one or more roundhouses.
Germans, French and Italians settled in the valleys of Napa and Sonoma and the land which links them, Carneros, and transformed the area into vales of vineyards.
Sandy heaths interspersed with clay vales are normal here, the lighter soils being heavily used to the point of exhaustion by early prehistoric communities and more or less abandoned from about 700 BC onwards.