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vagary / каприз, выходка, причуда
имя существительное
caprice, whim, freak, fancy, whimsy, vagary
trick, prank, excess, vagary, vagrancy
fad, whim, quirk, freak, crotchet, vagary
имя существительное
an unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone's behavior.
the vagaries of the weather
I have been in particularly reflective and sombre mood recently, feeling vulnerable to the vagaries of city life.
We have always felt somewhat vulnerable to the vagaries of political change.
Social Security was a safe harbor designed to protect people from the vagaries of the markets.
She will also learn first-hand about the vagaries of the stock market.
Instead, the romantics among us have been left feeling used and abused by the unforgiving vagaries of football.
Doesn't that make you more vulnerable to the vagaries of government budgets?
Transport is too important to be left to the vagaries of the market.
This can curb the vagaries in the market and rein in the prices of cement.
The problem is that security in old age depends increasingly on the vagaries of the stock market.
He knows only too well the vagaries of head-to-head golf over the short sprint that is 18-holes.