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vacuum / вакуум, пылесос, пустота
имя существительное
vacuum, void, depression
vacuum cleaner, vacuum, hoover, exhauster
emptiness, void, vacuum, hollow, blank, vacancy
имя прилагательное
vacuum, hoover, run the vacuum cleaner, vacuum-clean
имя существительное
a space entirely devoid of matter.
Since by definition it contains no matter, the vacuum of space itself has NO temperature.
a vacuum cleaner.
It would be another ten years before the electric vacuum , iron, and frying pan became available as consumer products.
clean with a vacuum cleaner.
the room needs to be vacuumed
In such a vacuum of political criticism, one might expect national newspaper columnists to step in and make coherent remarks upon government policy.
After the surface has dried, use a vacuum to remove the powder that is created by etching.
In rural Scotland the retiral of a sitting MP always creates a vacuum which other political parties rush to fill.
The old lamps burned in groups of nine or ten, whilst the new were in pairs and instead of burning in the air the carbon was in a chamber in which there was a partial vacuum .
the political vacuum left by the death of the Emperor
The political vacuum could be filled as early as Wednesday but leaders are prepared for much longer discussions if the rank and file throw out their recommendations.
There will not be a security vacuum in that area at any time.
They operate like any rocket engine in the vacuum of space, by propelling gases in one direction to create an opposite and equal force on the craft.
The chamber was then put into a vacuum overnight to remove any remaining trace of organic solvent.
We hope that this denomination will be faithful to God and will fill the spiritual vacuum left by liberalism.