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vaccinate / вакцинировать, делать прививку, применять вакцину
делать прививку
vaccinate, engraft, ingraft
применять вакцину
имя существительное
вакцинированный человек
treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; inoculate.
all the children were vaccinated against diphtheria
Today the Government revealed its plans to vaccinate key workers against smallpox.
Some GPs are also finding it increasingly hard to vaccinate enough children to qualify for the extra payments.
A few years ago, when the flu vaccine was plentiful, there was a movement to vaccinate everyone early - too early.
Health workers will try to vaccinate four million children under the age of five between July 29 and August 2.
Your doctor can test you for immunity to this viral disease before pregnancy and vaccinate you against it if you aren't immune.
to vaccinate a child against measles
Is it OK not to vaccinate your child with a particular vaccine if you have safety concerns?
Around 1,05,000 vaccinators and supervisors will be involved in administering oral polio drops to children on April 10 and May 15.
You and your veterinarian should discuss the benefits and risks of vaccinating and not vaccinating your pet.
If you're adopting or purchasing a pet, make sure the breeder, shelter, or store is reputable and vaccinates all of its animals.