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vacation / отпуск, каникулы, освобождение
имя существительное
holiday, leave, vacation, furlough, temper
vacation, holidays, holiday, recess
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, vacation
rest, relax, vacation, holiday, repose, take a rest
брать отпуск
vacation, get leave
имя прилагательное
holiday, recessional, vacation
имя существительное
an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.
he took a vacation in the south of France
the action of leaving something one previously occupied.
his marriage was the reason for the vacation of his fellowship
take a vacation.
I was vacationing in Europe with my family
people come here on vacation
With a vacation period coming up, the magistrate put off the case until August 13.
In fact, over the holidays the mom was off on vacation for two weeks and didn't spend one of those days with her son.
Her best friend and her parents went to Europe every summer for 2 months during the school vacation period.
the vacation period
As I regard this case as sufficiently important, I will come in during the vacation if there is a problem.
He was again unopposed on the vacation of his seat.
The application came before me as the vacation judge.
First, I have not been on vacation, I don't even know what a vacation is anymore.
Because the Scottish courts are currently on a vacation period, only one judge will hear the appeal, instead of two.