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vacancy / вакансия, пустота, свободное место
имя существительное
vacancy, opening
emptiness, void, vacuum, hollow, blank, vacancy
свободное место
имя существительное
an unoccupied position or job.
a vacancy for a shorthand typist
empty space.
Cathy stared into vacancy, seeing nothing
If there was a vacancy it wouldn't be surprising if people thought about him as a possible candidate.
I recently posted an advertisement for a vacancy and want to avoid discriminating against minority groups.
a vacancy for a shorthand typist
Hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfast establishments had the no vacancy signs out early and pubs, restaurants and nightclubs enjoyed a roaring trade.
to fill a vacancy
Her departure leaves a vacancy on the town council.
vacancy, vanity, and inane deception
There's something about winter and snow that eliminates sound, and in that immense and roofless vacancy you sense another presence, something that doesn't move.
A single vacancy , either cationic or anionic, would violate the crystal electroneutrality.
She got the job after the town council advertised the vacancy last summer.