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utterance / высказывание, произнесение, произношение
имя существительное
utterance, statement, say, observation, discourse, outgiving
utterance, pronouncing, pronunciation, delivery, pronouncement
pronunciation, accent, pronouncing, pronounce, speech, utterance
имя существительное
a spoken word, statement, or vocal sound.
His bizarre word rhythm and gleeful disregard for punctuation makes even his most banal utterances sound dramatic.
Any utterance , in these languages, must terminate in a vowel, and adjacent consonants are disallowed.
Here is what the Spanish Prime Minister-elect had to say in virtually his first public utterance following the election.
the simple utterance of a few platitudes
Like most seasoned politics-watchers, I had assumed that behind her every utterance was a calculating, self-advancing steel-eyed operator.
It's what every mother dreams of, next to hearing that first utterance of ma-ma and the later cooing of I love you at early ages.
Each and every further utterance of these feeble claims, simply illustrates the ignorance and contempt in which these people view the military.
My reaction to that utterance led to an open and scorching debate.
Nobody understands a word I say, my every utterance greeted with blank looks.
The mere utterance of the word liberal is now met by scorn and derision.
One definition of singing is' the utterance of words or sounds in tuneful succession '.