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Транскрипция и произношение слова "utter" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

utter / произносить, выговорить, вымолвить
pronounce, say, utter, deliver, enunciate, sound
pronounce, utter, articulate
utter, get out
имя прилагательное
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, entire
absolute, stark, perfect, complete, total, utter
perfect, complete, accomplished, ideal, perfective, utter
имя прилагательное
complete; absolute.
Charles stared at her in utter amazement
make (a sound) with one's voice.
he uttered an exasperated snort
put (forged money) into circulation.
A day later he was granted bail for offences of conspiracy to utter counterfeit currency and conspiracy to defraud.
The look Evangeline gave me was one of complete and utter amazement.
To his utter horror and amazement, 20 to 30 journalists were there to meet him.
Stepping back, he opened his mouth to speak but could not utter a sound.
The utter inconsistency is absolutely breathtaking.
She just about managed to utter the last two words before she pushed away his hands, buried her face in her own skirts and burst into tears.
My throat was so parched that I could barely utter a sound.
He looked back and there was Megan, standing at the door with a tear stained face, her expression showing pure and utter confusion and disbelief.
Her terror was far too great to permit her mouth to utter a sound.
He just looked at Adam in absolute, utter disgust and contempt.
Your first thought might be to regard this as utter lunacy.