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utmost / все возможное, самое большое
имя существительное
все возможное
utmost, uttermost
самое большое
utmost, uttermost
имя прилагательное
marginal, ultimate, utmost, critical, overall, supreme
extreme, last, utter, utmost, ultra, outside
highest, utmost, sovereign, uttermost
имя прилагательное
most extreme; greatest.
a matter of the utmost importance
имя существительное
the greatest or most extreme extent or amount.
a plot that stretches credulity to the utmost
They deserve our utmost respect and recognition for simply making the Olympic team.
On the surface, the case for the rule of law seems the utmost in consistency and fairness.
I have the utmost respect for boxers, a breed who put their lives on the line each time they compete.
"I made my comments with the utmost sincerity, " he said.
It taxed the resources of the municipality to the utmost and left scars on the city that took years to efface.
It was ascertained that housing needs in the area were of the utmost importance.
Of utmost importance to the staff nurse is to know your health care employer's policy.
Anybody who has performed these tasks in the pursuit of a weekly pay-packet has my utmost sympathy and respect.
There was no limit to bank note issue, except the utmost which each bank could keep afloat.
Supervising, teaching and sharing of best practices for patient care is of utmost importance.