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utility / утилита, полезность, утилитарность
имя существительное
utility, usefulness, helpfulness, availability, profitability, profitableness
имя прилагательное
auxiliary, subsidiary, supporting, secondary, accessory, utility
utilitarian, utility, practical
useful, utility, helpful, beneficial, good, valuable
имя существительное
the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.
he had a poor opinion of the utility of book learning
a public utility.
The final vote at the National Assembly on the privatisation bill to transform utilities into limited liability companies will be held on June 22.
a utility program.
The user may agree to install a small utility that includes spyware as part of the download.
имя прилагательное
useful, especially through being able to perform several functions.
a utility truck
functional rather than attractive.
utility clothing
of or relating to the lowest US government grade of beef.
I also think the development of formulas and schematics to demonstrate the utility of their approach was well done.
The company also expects to sell gas to a power utility to generate electricity.
I am a utility player so that means I am expected to play anywhere and that is what I will do for the Bulls.
Here are a few lists I whipped up quickly to illustrate the utility of the new service.
We have got a lot of utility players who can play in a few positions and we can change systems when it becomes necessary.
These questions tend to result in an assessment of the utility of particular types of campaigns in challenging capitalism.
When did the management of the utility realise they needed a complete overhaul of the winning and distribution systems?
We recommend that projects consider the value and utility of these products and implement them where appropriate.
A number of clinicians have demonstrated the utility of this approach.
I was a utility player - played every position but first and pitcher.