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utilitarian / утилитарный
имя прилагательное
utilitarian, utility, practical
имя существительное
utilitarian, Benthamite
имя прилагательное
designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.
Department stores do stock lots of bras in ‘plus’ sizes, but they tend to be ugly, utilitarian and practical bras designed for an older clientele.
of, relating to, or adhering to the doctrine of utilitarianism.
a utilitarian theorist
имя существительное
an adherent of utilitarianism.
Assigning particular rights to people may be a way to promote wellbeing, and when it is, utilitarians favour doing it.
But does a democracy really have to choose to build brutish, dull, utilitarian buildings when building for itself?
The cars handle well, offering a little fun to go with their high quality and utilitarian design.
The original farmhouse was a utilitarian building without much molding or other decoration.
His sculptures misbehave, they defy convention, they turn utilitarian objects and practical actions into outlandish things involving wonder and humor.
Craftsmen survived in a variety of way: by producing souvenirs rather than utilitarian objects.
In England, the utilitarian doctrine of a higher public good trumped the idea of intellectual property rooted in natural right.
The building, whose economical and utilitarian design gives it an imposing solidarity, is still there, situated about 300 metres from the Bosphorus shoreline.
It's a plain, utilitarian stick that does its job without calling attention to itself.
Modern philosophers tend to take a more utilitarian position.
He made a lasting contribution to moral and political philosophy by attacking the prevailing materialism and empiricism of utilitarian thinkers.