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usury / ростовщичество, ростовщический процент
имя существительное
usury, gombeen
ростовщический процент
имя существительное
the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.
They also practised usury , charging an interest rate of 5 per cent a day.
The biblical parable of the talents was the central interpretative puzzle in this regard since it appears to advocate usury and, worse still, the careful preserver loses all and the usurer gains more.
Any moneys still due us under the old standard terms of twenty percent usury will be reduced to ten percent usury as a matter of good will.
But where do you draw the line between this kind of usury and legitimate lending?
The superpower of the ancient world was influenced both by God and by the demons of materialism, violence, self-love, fraud, and usury .
The chapter on usury will be of particular interest for those concerned about the church's current teaching on contraception.
The Bible condemns usury in no uncertain terms.
Fighting against usury and the persecution of debtors has a long religious history as well as a social justice lineage.
They also practised usury , charging an interest rate of 5 per cent a day.
He was litigious, speculated cannily on the property market, hoarded grain in times of shortage and may have practised usury .
And he also sought government intervention to bust the powerful trusts and take back the railroad land holdings and bring down the ‘Shylock-like’ rates of usury .