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usurp / узурпировать, незаконно захватывать
usurp, assume
незаконно захватывать
take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.
Richard usurped the throne
Dictatorship is itself a form of corruption in which individuals usurp the role of institutions.
I am not here to usurp power or win back the freedom of my people.
If they feel that their base is threatened or that their members, through their own actions, can usurp their power, then they can be forced to act.
Under this law, local ‘communities’ have the right to usurp land from its rightful owners, which must surely count as one of the biggest infringements of property rights in the modern Anglosphere.
There's the anecdotal phenomenon of the woman who manages to break through the glass ceiling, but kicks the ladder away so no other women can usurp her position.
Government should create and sustain the conditions in which parents can fulfill their duties to their children, but it must not usurp their position.
In this version of the play, the duke and his usurping brother have been replaced by rival queens and, due to time constraints, a few characters not integral to the main plot have been dropped.
Someone had usurped their throne, and it was time to win it back.
James raised an Irish army against his usurpers but was defeated at the Boyne in 1690.
By transmitting the virus willingly one is usurping on others’ rights to life and happiness.