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use / использовать, пользоваться, применять
use, utilize, make use of, employ, apply, take
use, enjoy, make use of, have the use of, avail oneself, exercise
use, apply, employ, practice, deploy, introduce
имя существительное
using, use, utilization, employment, applying, enjoyment
use, application, applying, employment, practice, appliance
use, usage, application, utilization
имя существительное
the action of using something or the state of being used for some purpose.
a member of staff is present when the pool is in use
take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result; employ.
she used her key to open the front door
describing an action or state of affairs that was done repeatedly or existed for a period in the past.
this road used to be a dirt track
be or become familiar with someone or something through experience.
she was used to getting what she wanted
can I use the internet?
I could use another cup of coffee
Private nuisance is an unlawful interference with an individual's enjoyment or use of his land.
After all, he needed something to make up for the fact that in general, his mind was as much use as a milkshake with no milk.
which service do you use?
it's expensive for those who use regularly
If you're thinking that the final figures won't be much use at all then you're probably not the only one.
she let us have the use of her phone
the illegal use of drugs is falling
The upstairs gym is being relocated, but the downstairs gym is still in use .