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usage / употребление, обычай, словоупотребление
имя существительное
use, usage, application, utilization
custom, practice, habit, usage, way, convention
имя существительное
the action of using something or the fact of being used.
a survey of water usage
This usage of the word ‘primitive’ is now much less common and no longer has derogatory implications.
I'd never heard of the journal before but it's chock full of goodness for those with an interest in word usage and origins.
The information must be judged in the light of the usage and practices of the industry involved.
Customary rights are usage rights, granting the right to do a specific thing in a specific place.
the usage of equipment
For example, a lot of the words that we would today classify as racial slurs were in common usage in polite society as recently as thirty years ago.
It would be my gym for my training, where I would practice my weapons usage and martial arts.
Many companies also monitor their employees' Internet usage and email communications.
Also, the region is an immense source of oil and underground water that has yet to be tapped for usage .
There are many employments the remuneration of which is, by trade usage , invariably fixed on a commission basis.