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urn / урна
имя существительное
urn, casket
имя существительное
a tall, rounded vase with a base, and often a stem, especially one used for storing the ashes of a cremated person.
Richly glazed and often spectacularly potted, the sources for these works include Anglo-Saxon cremation urns , Peruvian vases and, on at least one occasion, a Fijian carving.
a large metal container with a tap, in which tea or coffee is made and kept hot, or water for making hot drinks is boiled.
a tea urn
place (something) in an urn.
The ugly thing looked more like an urn than a vase and was adorned with small flowers and butterflies painted on the surface with real gold and silver.
a tea urn
a tea urn
The tea urn is now housed at the museum's collection storage facility.
‘I was a little disappointed about the price for the coffee urn because that was unique,’ said Mr Manning.
She picked up the coffee urn and starts filling their cups.
Ayako walked over to the new tombstone and placed the urn into the small stone ditch right in front of it.
On a card table in the corner was a large restaurant-style coffee urn , and cups, saucers.
A ballot comes to us from the Italian word balotta for a little ball, since such balls were used for secret voting by placing them in the appropriate urn or box.
Heather described how the cremation took place nine days after his death earlier this year in Reddish and said the undertakers were instructed to collect the urn and store it.