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urinal / писсуар, мочеприемник, утка
имя существительное
urinal, pissoir
duck, canard, urinal, furphy, quack
имя существительное
a bowl or other receptacle, typically attached to a wall in a public toilet, into which men may urinate.
The areas here lack motorable roads, decent footpaths, public urinals and toilets.
Nothing contributes more to perception of unclean restrooms than an unflushed urinal .
Even the actual toilet cubicles featured mirroring, and the urinal was simply a spectacle to behold.
I particularly remember the enormous urinal in the only restroom there at the back of the place.
As far as Tom could tell, there was a urinal , a toilet, and a sink counter.
Many toilets now place reading matter above the urinal so that you don't even have to think about either eye contact or talking.
From low-flow toilets to waterless urinals , technology is changing and improving water efficiency.
We have males that use public streets as urinals .
This bathroom had several urinals and a row of bathroom stalls.
The urinals in the restrooms have been the only peaceful places at this airport.
The first thing customers see is a huge lavatory bowl flanked by two urinals .