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urchin / еж, мальчишка, пострел
имя существительное
hedgehog, urchin
urchin, whipper-snapper
brownie, goblin, hobgoblin, boggart, bogey, urchin
имя существительное
a mischievous young child, especially one who is poorly or raggedly dressed.
He had told her that there would always be street urchins , to young and weak to work, scouring the streets for pockets to pick.
The name sea urchin comes from an old English meaning of urchin : hedgehog.
Well, the young girl just ran after the urchin , down the street she ran, and turned the corner.
With a bald head, thin limbs and swollen belly, he is a street urchin of about eight.
The young urchin had learned that move while wrestling with the other boys in the East Hill streets.
I was chased away by men in suits who thought that I was a street urchin .
They grow to an impressive size and pass the time cracking open hard-shelled creatures like crabs and urchins between their fearsome teeth.
Having a neat hole in your front door isn't entirely wise in the days of wandering street urchins with fireworks in their pockets just ripe for destructive mischief.
These street urchins are rambling around the neighborhood, grabbing anything that isn't bolted down, and are cashing in their finds less than two blocks from the scene of the crime.
Stories abound of coal wagons stripped of half their load by street urchins before a first delivery could be made.
In the past, the fish and urchins fed on the algae, allowing the coral to grow.