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urbanize / урбанизировать, превращать в город, делать вежливым
превращать в город
town, urbanize
делать вежливым
делать учтивым
make or become urban in character.
once an agrarian society, the island has recently been urbanized
More accurately, the dichotomy is between societies which are urbanised and industrialised, and those which derive their livelihoods primarily from the land.
Even though Africa is still predominantly rural, with only about a third of the population living in urban areas, it is urbanizing faster than any other part of the world.
In a largely urbanized society, the countryside retained a fierce (perhaps exaggerated) sense of its own needs and identity.
Without this background the impact of increasing urbanisation upon the environmental status of the tidal areas would not be possible.
More than one half of Western Europe is already urbanized and there is massive urbanizing elsewhere, particularly in the developing countries.
The government's first response to its failure to contain urbanization was to tighten influx control in the 1960s.
Now we are a largely urbanised society, and the country roots of most people have been severed.
Japan has been characterized as an affluent and highly mobile and urbanized society, which also appears to be safe and secure.
A basic question concerns the uniqueness of Mexican migration, urbanization , and settlement.
At current rates of sprawl, 25 percent of the nation's coastal watersheds will be urbanized by 2025.