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urbanism / урбанизм
имя существительное
the lifestyle of city dwellers.
Le Corbusier claimed this would provide the ‘three essential joys of urbanism : sun, space, and greenery.’
It is also evident in his teaching and writings, such as Great Leap Forward, a book about Chinese urbanism published with his architecture students at Harvard University.
Writing on urbanism , as opposed to structure, within architecture schools is decidedly left-leaning.
In the case of the cultural industries, this pull is almost uniformly toward the center city: the denser the level of urbanism , the denser the level of cultural industries activity.
Depictions of bustling masses of pedestrians and the ballet of cars and cabs enacted beneath looming skyscrapers provide an image of urbanism that suddenly seems fragile and vulnerable.
Le Corbusier claimed this would provide the ‘three essential joys of urbanism : sun, space, and greenery.’
Its discussions of space and place are relevant for anyone interested in motion, space, urbanism , culture, and virtual reality.
Beyond presenting the grand concepts of modernity, modernism, and urbanism , it provides one of the first opportunities for modern African artists to be exhibited alongside modern artists from other parts of the world.
The website, with sections about urbanism , transportation, manufacturing, energy and materials, is certainly impressive.
It's a model of development that draws on the best features of the urbanism and suburban development that emerged around the 1920s in villages surrounding major cities, such as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.
A different notion of housing can emerge out of this geography, pregnant with the promise of generating an urbanism that admits the full spectrum of social and spatial possibility.