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upward / вверх, выше, кверху
up, upwards, upward, aloft, endwise, endways
above, up, before, supra, upward, upwards
up, upward, upwards
имя прилагательное
rising, upward, ascendant, uprising, upcast, uprise
направленный вверх
upward, upcast
движущийся вверх
имя прилагательное
moving, pointing, or leading to a higher place, point, or level.
an upward trend in sales
toward a higher place, point, or level.
she peered upward at the sky
The conditions are in place for upward momentum from here but the market has not embraced this view, yet.
However, this upward trend does not mean that the weather will be constantly improving.
The upward trend in lone parenthood has most affected the level of benefit receipt and costs.
There may be upward spikes now and then, but oil mostly just gets cheaper and cheaper.
The main concern is with the vertical upward forces which act on the plant, producing an uprooting tendency.
As in the Eastern Region the upward trend in the number of young women taking drugs was also confirmed.
Mr Dennehy says this reflects a dramatic upward spiral in the number of assaults on prison officers.
The art market is extremely volatile, but fortunately for us artists it is an upward volatility!
There has been an upward trend over the past few years in the number of people worshipping at the cathedral.
With the real estate market growing by leaps and bounds, the upward trend of land rates will not change.