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upturn / подъем, рост, улучшение
имя существительное
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, upturn
growth, increase, rise, growing, height, upturn
improvement, enhancement, betterment, amelioration, development, upturn
turn over, reverse, cant, upturn, invert, cast down
turn, turn over, invert, tumble, wamble, upturn
overturn, upset, tip over, topple, tilt, upturn
имя существительное
an improvement or upward trend, especially in economic conditions or someone's fortunes.
an upturn in the economy
turn (something) upward or upside down.
a sea of upturned faces
Similar development master-plans may well be launched by some of Hungary's wealthier neighbours in central and eastern Europe in response to the economic upturn helped by a recovery of key western export markets.
Alongside the new housing estates the thriving Rowallan Business Park is the other overt sign of an upturn in economic fortunes.
The bad news for those shops and smaller businesses, and the people who support them and rely on them, is that rents are rising and they are in danger of being priced out by the anticipated upturn in town's fortunes.
The fund will be focused on selecting good quality companies in the expectation of an upturn in fortunes.
‘Indeed,’ he agreed, lifting his chin to upturn his nose in a pompous manner.
The industry underwent a major slowdown from early 2001 and, although the first half of 2002 pointed to an upturn , this trend did not continue into the latter half of the year.
Many assumed that an upturn in economic conditions would lead to an improvement in immigration policies, but they were mistaken.
While it indicates a potential upturn in economic conditions and better economic management, the news is not so good for UK hardware, software and technology services companies.
Kathryn's wheel of fortune is on the upturn once more.
an upturn in the economy