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uptown / в верхней части города
в верхней части города
имя существительное
жилые кварталы города
верхняя часть города
in or into an uptown area.
They walk through neighborhoods uptown .
имя существительное
a residential area in a town or city.
All of them watched as the dogs ran onto the train tracks that divided the ghetto from the uptown .
имя прилагательное
of, in, or characteristic of the residential area of a city or town.
The whole crew was in an uptown bar, talking quietly.
I was uptown again this weekend, the sudden drop in temperature giving notice that Central Park's autumn colours would soon disappear.
Ten blocks south of the heart of the peace march, protesters streamed through the Union Square subway station toward an uptown train.
This resulted in three smaller marches uptown as protesters mainly ignored police warnings to stay on the sidewalk and instead spilled out onto the streets.
This brave and exciting cityscape gives way to more prosaic buildings on College and Queens Street, while further uptown is the amiable Victorian enclave of Cabbage Town.
At the end of the letter it said to meet again at another restaurant in the uptown area the next day at noon.
Actresses, socialites and Manhattan's uptown girls flocked to his boutique at 33 East 68th Street.
They refuse to take passengers any further uptown and into Harlem.
I found myself wandering, freezing cold, on the streets of uptown Waterloo, loudly having a discussion about the theoretical persona of a student.
I was born in 1973 in Kingston, raised uptown with a suburban, middle-class lifestyle.
And so I left feeling very good, and as I took the bus uptown to meet the missus, I finished the song, almost without thinking.